March 21, 2010

Dogs Offer Clues to Self-Control Experiments on canines suggest self-control, in both humans and animals, is related to blood glucose levels.

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Why can’t you exercise self-control?” That disdainful question has been posed repeatedly to procrastinators, overeaters and others who find it hard to resist self-destructive impulses. It has rarely, if ever, been asked of dogs.

People can control their own behavior,” Miller said. “When they fail, it is not because they are terrible or weak; it is because they are depleted.

“They need to evaluate what they are eating in order to determine if they are eating wholesome food at regular intervals. And if they want better self-control, they can build it. They can encourage their bodies to store more self-control fuel via exercise.”

So, to conserve the fuel crucial to making smart choices, go out for a run. Better yet, take your dog


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