June 15, 2010

Giant dung beetle rolls creative lesson

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For me, it’s the replica of the giant dung beetle. The concept of the dung beetle mistaking the ball and rolling it is audaciously CREATIVE. Even the beetle cannot resist the temptation to play football, so how can you, a human, pay no attention to Worldcup?
dung bettle at world cup

Oh, baby! You want to play the ball too?

A cliche is still that to make the most out of advertising dollars, you’ve got to come up with something creative. While there is no formula to be creative, there are a few guidelines that may help you:

1. Be courageous, demand creativity of yourself and be willing to cause a stir. Big ideas will make you feel very uncomfortable at first, but that’s a sign you’re onto something good.
2. Define the problem succinctly. When you can define a problem clearly, you’re halfway to solving it. Strategy will come later to transform the problem into solution.
3. Understand the needs of your customers firsthand, and solve those problems in real life rather than in an abstract sense. The Worldcup viewers want to see something hilarious and highly unusual, and the dung beetle is perfectly fit in.
4. Come up with lots of ideas, and then eliminate normal ones. This is the way breakthrough idea emerged.
5. Pay close attention to names and other words, because people are much more likely to talk about your product or service if it has a fun, zany name rather than something bland. Think Overweightdating or Pussycat Dolls.
6. Create content you’re proud of, not commercials. People want to be entertained and engaged rather than sold to. Take a look at the video below:


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