June 15, 2010

Lure the talkative lady, David from Johny’s Blog by johnydnguyen

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Buzz is to capture attention of people and, more importantly, media. In the previous post, we already know how to get attention of people by pushing six buttons. Moreover, if you can get your story into the articles the media is covering, there will be a massive buzz expected to hum around in every corner.

David vs. Goliath: People love this game

People don’t watch TV or buy newspapers to read the ads. They read the stories. And media “ladies” only look for stories that interest them and viewers. Taking a close look, you can spot stories usually moving around 4 themes:

1. A David vs. Goliath story, where the underdog wins against the giants. Remember when Vietnam football team won against Thailand’s, or what Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream did when they went up against Pillsbury (2,000 times their size). People love it when an underdog beats the odds.
2. A highly unusual or simply outrageous story, like man bites dog, or Miss World is getting married with a normal guy.
3. A good old-fashioned celebrity story, like the fact someone paid $38,000 to buy Bill Gates’ used Lexus, which was actually worth only about $9,000. People have a fascination with celebrities. If you have celebrities who are using your product without being paid for their endorsement, use that fact to your advantage. Tell your story to the media. They will love it.
4. Something highly controversial, like what Lady Gaga just performed in her latest album (Alejandro). I am not in the US right now, but quite sure that Catholic get annoyed after watching this controversial clip. However, this generated screeds of press attention and headline status, which Lady Gaga finds it worth. Ok, relax and enjoy:

Combining two or three of these story-lines to supercharge your buzz. That will always capture the media’s attention and intrigue them. Use memorable ways to integrate these ideas into your goods, and be smart about it to get higher return. Finally, leveraging your marketing with media awareness and word-of-mouth buzz, you are now genuinely getting things humming.


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