June 15, 2010

Reward Suggestions For Kids Child Play Reward – Swing Around

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This page contains suggestions for rewards for children of various age groups. These rewards can be provided as positive reinforcement for behavior modification programs.

Rewards that are selected by the child usually are the most powerful. Also, a variety of reward possibilities helps to keep a child motivated over a long period of time.

Rewards can be privileges, things or activities with parents. They are never a substitute for words of praise and encouragement. Rewards are most meaningful when given along with positive words and touch from parents.

Check out the suggestions for your child:

Home Reward Possibilities for Preschoolers

Going to the park

Playing with friends

Getting in bed with parents

Making mud pies

Listening to a bedtime story

Playing on a swing set

Spending the night with friends or grandparents

Being lifted into the air

Feeding a pet


Playing games

Making noises with rattles, pans, or bells

Having a horsy ride by swinging on parent’s foot

Doing a puppet play

Having parents take a Polaroid picture of the child

Talking into a tape recorder

Going out for hamburgers or pizza

Wearing dress-up clothes

Playing with clay or playdough

Going someplace alone with dad or mom

Helping plan the day’s activities

Helping mom or dad

Having a longer time in the bathtub

Riding on a bicycle with dad or mom

Whirling in a circle by arms

Watching a rainstorm

Playing in the sandbox

Sitting in the chair with dad or mom

Going to the library

Going for a picnic

Bouncing on the bed

Playing outside

Riding a tricycle

Staying up late

Going on a trip to the zoo

Getting a piggy-back ride

Having a bubble bath

Singing songs


Delaying a nap

Flushing the toilet

Riding on dad’s shoulders

Going outside at night

Having a family night

Helping to hold baby sister or brother


Reading a story

Mixing cookie dough

Having a special desert

Chewing gum

Finger painting

Drawing with crayons

Listening to walkman

Playing a game with

Sitting in the front seat

Playing video game

Watching a video

Renting a video game

Renting a video

Computer time

Home Reward Possibilities for Elementary School Children

Taking a trip to the park

Playing with friends

Having a bedtime story

Playing on the swing set

Spending the night with friends or grandparents

Going to a ball game

Spending the night with friends or grandparents

Being lifted into the air

Feeding a pet
Eating out Going someplace alone with dad or mom Baking something in the kitchen
Planning a day’s activities Riding on a bicycle Going on a fishing trip with dad or mom
Choosing a TV program Taking time off from chores Holding hands while walking
Using the telephone Dressing up in parent’s clothes Setting the table
Camping in the backyard Going to the library Chewing gum
Telling a round-robin story Decorating the home for the holidays Helping to make Jell-O, popcorn, or something similar
Helping to take a gift to a friend Feeding the baby Staying up late
Going to the movies, especially with a friend Making a trip along Playing a favorite tape or CD
Coloring Riding next to the window in the car Riding in the front seat
Listening to themselves on a tape recording Choosing the menu for a meal Calling grandma to tell of their successes
Getting a promise to ride the escalator three or four times in a store Putting up schoolwork on the refrigerator door Buying something
Planting a garden Going for a picnic Going skating, swimming or bowling
Making something, some special craft with mom or dad Ordering pizza Going for a hike
Going canoeing or camping or fishing or skiing Sleeping in a different place in the house Doing a jigsaw puzzle
Decorating your own room Having a special after-school snack Having a special treat in their school lunch
Choosing a special breakfast Playing a game with mom or dad like checkers, marbles or cards Listening to a walkman
Computer time Playing a video game Renting a video game
Watching a video Renting a video Skate boarding
Home Reward Possibilities for Teenagers

Having dating privileges

Participating in activities with friends

Having friends over
Taking dancing or music lessons Redecorating their own room Skating or bowling with friends
Talking additional time on the telephone Playing the stereo Making a trip alone
Finding a part-time job Taking the car to school for a day Getting to stay out late
Having car privileges Staying up late Staying overnight with friends
Taking time off from chores Having a date during the week Getting a chance to earn money
Selecting TV programs Being the chairman at a family meeting Getting to use the family camera
Getting a driver’s license Driving the car on a family trip Camping out
Going to summer camp Getting a special haircut or hair style Going to Disneyland or some other amusement park
Being allowed to sit alone when the family eats out Inviting a friend to eat out Getting to sleep in late on the weekend
Having their own checking account Receiving a magazine subscription Going shopping with friends
Buying a tape or CD Having their own telephone Selecting something special for dinner
Going to the library Going bowling, skating, etc. with friends Going horseback riding
Going to a concert with friends Going to the movies with friends Computer time


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